Saskja Rosset

Neu bei LUNAX Swiss Photographers Agency!

Wed 08 Jun 2022

***Ich freue mich sehr, neu Teil von LUNAX Schweizer Fotografen Agentur und Kollektiv zu sein! Mein Bildarchiv wird nun nach und nach auf hochgeladen.

***Happy to be a new member of LUNAX Swiss Photographers Agency! You can find my archive on, it will be updatet slowly by slowly!

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From Thu 09 Sep 2021 to Sun 13 Mar 2022

Lk down/up mit 96 Seiten, 16.4 x 23 cm, Offsetdruck, Softcover. Dieses kleine Buch fast mein fotografisches Tagebuch aus den Monaten des Lockdowns 2020 zusammen. Philip Ursprung hat den Text dazu beigetragen. Mischa Leiner hat das Buch gestaltet.
Das Buch kann direkt bei mir für CHF 46.00 bestellt werden, oder bei der **Buchhandlung Never Stop Reading
, +++Buchhandlung Sec52+++, :::Buchhandlung Hottingerplatz::: und NEU auch im Feinkostladen /// Nah und Fein /// in Zürich, erworben werden!
Buy the book

L**k down/up 96 pages, 16.4 x 23 cm, softcover. This little book almost compiles my photographic diary from the months of the 2020 lockdown. Philip Ursprung contributed the text. Mischa Leiner designed the book. The book can be ordered directly from me for CHF 46.00, or at the bookstore Never Stop Reading in Zurich in the store or online. Available at Buchhandlung Hottingerplatz and Never Stop Reading in Zurich, Sec52 and at Nah und Fein in Zurich

Buchpräsentation L**k down/up

Tue 07 Sep 2021, 19:00

Lokal Fluntern Voltastrasse 58 8044 Zürich

Die Photographin Saskja Rosset führte während des Lockdowns ein Bildtagebuch. Nun ist das Buch dazu erschienen mit einem Text des Kunsthistorikers Philip Ursprung, gestaltet von Mischa Leiner. Zusammen mit dem Philosophen Jürg Berthold stellen sie das Werk vor.

Der lange Frühling – Finissage

Thu 26 Aug 2021, 17:30

Never Stop Reading – Spiegelgasse 18 / Untere Zäune, 8001 Zürich

Der lange Früling – Exhibition

From Fri 09 Jul 2021 to Sat 28 Aug 2021

Never Stop Reading – Spiegelgasse 18 / Untere Zäune, 8001 Zürich

Lockdown Diaries​ / A long Spring

In March 2020, Zurich started a campaign, saying: “Stay home. Please. All.” The noise of the traffic stopped. Birds sang louder than before. Everyone had time. The extraordinary situation brought forward the ordinary life. This had never happened before. And yet it felt strangely familiar. The outside space appeared like a large interior space. The interior space, on the other hand, looked like a microcosm. As adults we saw things with the eyes of children. The camera captured the change of colors, spaces, and surfaces more accurately than concepts could. The camera was not looking for the clichés that filled the news – empty trains, empty tourist destinations, closed shops. Rather it registered the signs of change: Ornaments that children had drawn on the asphalt, happy dogs that were led outside five times a day, conversations with neighbors over the balcony, layers of golden pollen and petals on the roofs of unwashed cars, the exhaust of a lonely plane high in the sky. In retrospect, the photographs help us to perceive what we didn’t hear in the news, namely the productive side of the lockdown. People started to take care of each other, paying attention, focusing. Conversations were more profound than before, phone calls were longer. The vision became clearer, more focused. There was something precious in this long spring.

Der lange Früling – Exhibition Opening and Book Vernissage

Thu 08 Jul 2021, 18:00

Never Stop Reading – Spiegelgasse 18 / Untere Zäune, 8001 Zürich

Mit einem Künstlergespräch von Saskja Rosset und Philip Ursprung.

With an artist talk by Saskja Rosset and Philip Ursprung.

photoSCHWEIZ – Summer Edition

From Fri 02 Jul 2021 to Sun 11 Jul 2021

Halle 550 – Birchstrasse 150, 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon